Amsterdam based film director

Balance (2013)

producer: VenFilm

length: 15 min

genre: drama

premiere: Dutch Film Festival ’13

Two people, whose lives are intertwined in court by coincidence, have completely different experiences of power in their sexual relationships. The healthy sexual life of the young prosecutor Sabine (28) resembles some of Kris’ (21) case about sexual abuse she is working on, but in a totally different way. After the trial he forces himself into a sexual act with a prostitute to face his demons from the past.

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Wednesdays (2011)

producer: VenFilm

length: 9 min

genre: drama

won: Best Dutch film @ Go Short ’12, jury award @ VERS ’11,  best film, best director, nominated best screenplay and best D.o.P. @ ShortCutz Amsterdam ’14, nomination best debut Dutch Film Festival ’12, nomination Ingmar Bergman award @ Uppsala filmfestival ’12, nominated best film, best director, best d.o.p. @ EFF ’12

Every Wednesday, 8-year old Kris accompanies 28-year old Willem to the swimming pool where they have a whole lot of fun together. They swim, go down the slide and eat fries. Just when Kris thought that this was the usual fun-filled Wednesday, Willem confronts him with a frightening request.

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I Wish I Could Share the Happiness of Being Alone With Someone Else (2008)

producer: HKU

length: 20 min

genre: drama

won: HKU award ’08; nomination early bird award @IFFB ’08: won best art-direction, best editing, best actor @EFF ’09, nomination best studentfilm @NFF ’09

In a room he never leaves, Tristan writes his books. These are about eating in the park, showbands, elephants and his new girl next door: Hannah. In his room which he never leaves he writes about her and their conversations, their encounters and about animals with psychological problems. In this room which he never leaves he dreams about Hannah, about kissing and laying next to each other. It is here where he waits till the next visit of his mum, a small word with his neighbour or perhaps a visit of Hannah. But all at the sudden Hannah knocks on his door and introduces herself as Thera.

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- The film ‘Een Goed Leven met een Gelukkig Einde’ is selected for development in the One Night Stand program.

- The short film ‘P’ by Saskia Diesing is selected for development in the NTR Kort! ’14 program.

  1. -Wednesdays won the Mr Zee award for best film at ShortCutz Amsterdam, and also best director.


One Night Stand X: Een Goed Leven Met een Gelukkig Einde (2015)

screenplay: Saskia Diesing, Aaron Rookus

genre: tragic comedy

P (2014)

screenplay: Saskia Diesing

producer: VenFilm

length: 10 min

genre: tragic comedy

premiere: Dutch Film Festival ’14

A family reaches boiling point during a pit stop on their way home from what might be their last holiday together. But the volatile cocktail of sweltering heat, restless hormones and suppressed frustration fails to explode, leading instead to reconciliation.


The Resistance (2012)

producer: Nederlands Film Festival

length: 3 min

genre: videomapping

premiere: Vrede van Utrecht ’12

Videomapping project for de Vrede van Utrecht performed at the Dom, Utrecht, September 2012.

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Rauwtafel (2012)

producer: Tutti Crew

length: 5 min

genre: horror

premiere: 48 hour A’dam march ’12

won: best film & sounddesign 48hour Amsterdam. Best of 48hour at Cannes court Metrage.

A young woman is chained to a dining room table in a house full of caniballs. A young resident has to make her first kill.

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