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The Idyll

De Idylle - main still  - copyright Jurre Rompa.jpg

Production Studio: Studio Ruba (NL), Polar Bear (BE), AllFilm (EE)

Written by: Aaron Rookus

Genre: Black comedy

Status: In post-production

With: Hadewych Minis, Eelco Smits, Beppie Melissen, Nabil Mallat.


In this life affirming mosaic drama we follow Victor (Eelco Smits) who is finally coming out of the closet only to realize that he is too old for the gay dating market, opera diva Annika (Hadewych Minis) who must reevaluate her life after receiving a terminal diagnosis, grandmother Joke (Beppie Melissen) who just wants to die as well as 10-year-old Timo (Isacco Limper) who is racing against time checking off his bucket list believing he only has one week left to live. All different people, searching for the same near impossible thing, the perfect fulfilment of life.


In The Idyll we investigate the theme of self-acceptance in a variety of characters and crossing storylines. They have one thing in common: they all have to learn to accept there is no path paved in front of you. The film and its struggling characters don’t provide an exact guide to that piece of heart (that would be something!) But hopefully it will bring the viewer comfort and a sobering smile in their own quest. And maybe, people see some wonder in the small particles floating around us. The Idyll is a visual and mind-boggling adventure for anyone who has lived a little. 


THE IDYLL is a co-production between Flanders (Polar Bear) and Estonia (Allfilm) and was supported by The Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands Production Incentive, BNNVARA, CoBO fund, Creative Europe Media, Estonian Film Institute, Flanders Film Fund, Belgium Tax shelter Paradiso Filmed Entertainment will release THE IDYLL end of 2024 in Dutch cinemas

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