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Oud zeer

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-02-22 om 12.20.52.png

Production Studio: Studio de Manege

Written by: Aaron Rookus

Genre: Tragic comedy

Length: 15 min

Release: 2016

With: Leny Breederveld, Ad van Kempen, Kirten Mulder, Erik van der Horst

Premiere: GoShort 2016


Housewife, Johanna, takes the opportunity of celebrating her sixtieth birthday to try and establish a better relationship with her estranged daughter. Her daughter, however becomes her mirror. While irritations start to accumulate, Johanna is confronted with her shortcomings as a person and as a mother. When things come to a head due to an over-baked cake, Johanna shows her true colours and reveals that she is particularly unhappy with herself.  A tragicomedy about a family trauma and self-reflection.

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