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A good life


Production Studio: BIND film

Written by: Saskia Diesing, Aaron Rookus

Genre: Tragic comedy

Length: 49 min

Release: 2015

With: Ariane Schluter, Jonas Smulders, Olga Louzgina, Matthias van de Vijver, Sigrid ten Napel

Premiere: NFF 2015, One night Stand NPO

Awards & Nominations: 

Ariane Schluter best actrice in a TV drama

Gouden TV beelden '16: Beste hoofdrol Ariane Schulter

Nomination Golden Calf best TV drama NFF '15


About the extraordinary relationship between Helen (53), a once rich but now poor widow, and the laconic student Joeri (23), who funds his wild and luxurious lifestyle as a gay escort. A tale of two lost souls who find solace and perspective within eachother and realize they lost themselves a long time ago.

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