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Production Studio: VenFilm

Written by: Aaron Rookus

Genre: Tragic comedy

Length: 9 min

Release: 2011

With: Viktor Griffioen, Ten Hageman

Awards & Nominations: 

Best Dutch film GoShort 2012

Jury award VERS 2011

Best film, best director ShortCutz 2014

Nominated best screenplay, best D.O.P. ShortCutz 2014

Nomination best debut NFF 2012

Nomination Ingmar Bergman award Uppsala 2012

Nominated best film, best director, best D.O.P. EFF 2012


Every Wednesday, 8-year old Kris accompanies 28-year old Willem to the swimming pool where they have a whole lot of fun together. They swim, go down the slide and eat fries. Just when Kris thought that this was the usual fun-filled Wednesday, Willem confronts him with a frightening request.

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